Five things To Consider for your Corporate Catering Event

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Five things To Consider for your Corporate Catering Event

avocado-barWell-prepared food is the life of every event. It doesn’t only make your guest feel special, but it also gives a sense of class to your personality. At present, there are so many corporate caterers in Jacksonville that can make your next event memorable. However, before opting for one, it is vital to know the basic things you must consider for your corporate catering event.

Create a detailed guest list

The first step to take when planning to use a corporate event caterer is to draw out a detailed guest list with the names of people expected at your event. In doing this, here are some questions you must provide answers to?

  • What type of event am I hosting?
  • Who are my guests?

Providing answers to these questions can help you decide the right corporate event caterer, the type of food to be prepare, and the right venue for your event.

Determine your event size and budget

In addition, your answers to the questions above will give you an idea of your event size and allow you to plan accordingly. You will also need to work with caterers in Jacksonville to determine your budget based on the number of guests expected. The major reason for engaging the services of experienced corporate event caterers is because they can easily arrive at the best possible outcome using the budget available.

Understand Your Guests’ Cuisine Choices

Understanding your guest cuisine choices is also key to hosting a corporate catering event. In doing this, you need an expert with the right expertise to determine the right cuisine of your guest based on certain characteristics. Your corporate event caterer may want to know if your guests are well-traveled, elite, the locals, or if there are older people amongst them.

Factor In Special Needs

In events like weddings, birthdays and many more, there might be a few guests with special dietary needs, so you need to prepare specially for this class of people. Corporate event caterers understand that guests with special needs exist, and they can easily consider them while working with your budget.

Work with The Time

You will also need to consider the event timing and how long your event is expected to last. This will help you determine the meal options that would be made available to your guest. There is no point in preparing meals that your guest may be unavailable to enjoy. Therefore, it is very important to work with time.


Finally, hosting a memorable and classic event largely lies in the hands of the corporate caterer you choose to work with. If you are in search of an experienced caterer in Jacksonville that works with your budget to give your guest the best experience, then your best option is to opt for Mai Oui, a leading Catering and Event Planning firm in Jacksonville. Whether you need catering for your wedding, an annual award, dinner, or an elegant social event, Mai Oui has got you covered.