Hip, Fresh, Trendy…Corporate?

Hip, Fresh, Trendy...Corporate? New Corporate Event Planning

Hip, Fresh, Trendy…Corporate?

We all know that corporate events can become trite and predictable after a while – you can only go network and be pitched to in a stuffy office rec room so many times before you start to lose your mind!

But why put in the time and effort to create a fresh event if the content will still be the same?

First, people clearly get bored of the same old song and dance; you’re just not going to grasp and keep attendees attention like you need to in order to be effective with your message.

Second, people are more likely to remember a cool, unique event and thus the company, product or service.

Additionally, attendees will develop a favorable opinion of the company, product or service, further maximizing the effectiveness of your intended message.

Plus, on a smaller note, people will have an easier and more comfortable time networking because the unique aspect of the event is an easy conversation starter and obvious icebreaker for those shy event go-ers.

So, here are some tips in order to keep your corporate events fresh, fun, and fabulous.


Tip 1: Have no preset schedule! This option creates a free flowing event where networkers don’t feel rushed or controlled – allow keynote speakers and presenters the option to pop up and speak at obvious opportune moments. This takes away the rigidity that can sometimes come with “stuffy” corporate events.

Tip 2: Incorporate a lot of different multimedia in your presentation in order to multimediablog2maximize the effectiveness of your material. For example, at a NACE (National Association of Catering and Events) meeting I attended back in June, several multimedia platforms were used in the keynote presentation. To set the stage in your mind, the event was held at PRI Productions – an event planning firm in Jacksonville, Florida, and the firm had just finished putting on an event by the name of “Dream Day”, in which they set up their facility to be a theatrical wonderland for children in Jacksonville. They kept it this way for the meeting in order to present themselves in an innovative light. To further highlight their innovation, the keynote speaker presented presentation material on a series of television screens all combining to create one image; additionally, he used a video created by one of his staff videographers to demonstrate the effectiveness of the “Dream Day” event. This use of multimedia truly left a lasting impression on those of us in the audience.

installationblog2Tip 3: Incorporate installations! Nothing reads fresh, modern and trendy like an art installation or some sort of visual attraction the get attendees talking. Even if your event isn’t off the charts in guest count and grandeur, a small installation of some sort will make for a very memorable event.

italianfoodTip 4: Themes, themes, themes! Tons of creative events are created around the nucleus of a good theme. Ideally, your chosen theme shouldn’t appear out of thin air and should be relevant to your business or topic. Are you a coffee bean company? Espresso theme! That’s an easy one, I know, but it’s easy and fun to get creative with it and it will pay off exponentially.

foodtruckTip 5: Finally, have some creative and delicious food! After all, what is a good event without a stellar menu? In theory, the menu should fall directly in line with and complement the overall aesthetic of the event but should also be unique in its own right. For example, if your corporation is putting on an Italian themed event, some of the foods might include Italian wedding soup, spaghetti and meatballs, cannolis, etc. However, if you’re going for a more urban or trendy feel, why not try out the Food Truck craze? Food trucks are a creative and fresh way to bring cuisine to your events and will definitely have guests talking. Basically, food has the power to make or break an event, so take into careful consideration the menu you’re choosing for your fabulous day, because if there’s one thing people will never fail to talk about, it’s what they ate.

All of the above tips will help your event elevate into a whole new class of fantastic. In the end, it’s all about creative ideas, innovation, and setting yourself as far away from the competition as possible. Be untouchable! Be unique! Hold an event that none of the guests will soon forget and that will keep them coming back.