How to Host Safe Meeting and Events during COVID-19


How to Host Safe Meeting and Events during COVID-19

Charcuterie ConesIn recent history, there has never been a year like 2020. The coronavirus pandemic really shook the world to the extent that we are yet to fully understand what the future will be like. The need to stay safe remains our priority, even as businesses reopen and people start hosting events again.

From regular meetings to special events, there is a need for everyone to stay safe as life slowly returns to normal. Here, we will discuss some important tips on how we can all host safe meetings and events, even as COVID-19 remains with us.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

The venue you choose for your event is probably the most important factor, as far as safety is concerned. The size of the venue and how the event is planned will determine if social distancing and other safety measures can be adhered to. Open-air venues are mostly recommended for social events. Follow the latest CDC guidelines in choosing and preparing your venue.

Create Safety SOPs

While at the meeting venue, you all will have to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) that prioritize health and safety. Constant hand-washing, wearing of personal protective equipment, social distancing, surface disinfecting, and limit restroom occupancy are some of the most critical SOPs recommended for meetings and events during these trying times.

Get It Right with Communication

In addition to choosing the right venue and SOPs, communicating properly with everyone that will attend the meeting or event is very important. Your meticulous plans and procedures may fail if you don’t communicate them clearly to the people attending the event. Pre-event communication to everyone attending the meeting/event is crucial. Even during the event, excellent communication is necessary if you want your plans to yield the desired result.

Consider Hybrid-Event Solutions

While many will love the opportunity of meeting others face to face like the way it used to be, you must understand that some are not yet ready for physical interactions. It is important that you respect such persons’ decisions and create an avenue for them to be part of what you are doing. Hybrid event solutions can connect people in remote locations to others in a physical event.

Go For Safe Entertainment

You also need to reconsider your choice of entertainment if you truly want to keep everyone in your event venue healthy. Generally, it is not yet safe to party like we all used to do in the past. Dancing may be the hallmark of a fun celebration, but you just have to rule it out at the moment. You can have a live-band play if you are sure everyone can maintain social distancing. Inviting comedians and magicians are other ways to be entertained without breaking SOPs.

Be Safe With Food

When you choose the best corporate catering service in Jacksonville, you can be sure that they will come up with innovative culinary options that will help everyone in your meeting/event to eat and drink in the safest manner.

There you have it! Above are some ways to host safe meeting and events during COVID-19. As we get through the unprecedented times, business activities, meetings, and events must continue. Nonetheless, it is important to keep everyone in attendance safe. We believe the insightful tips above will help keep everyone safe during your meetings and events.

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