Roaring 20s PartyAs we look back at the history of the 1920s, we see many dramatic changes taking place in our country, many of which have been deeply romanticized through various depictions. The Roaring ’20s is now at the forefront of themed weddings. As we “roar in to the 2020s” we are seeing a widespread interest in couples desire to create their Wedding around this era. This decade was full of Big Band, Jazz and Big Blues Musicians, specific art deco that defines the era and intricately adorned ensembles—a theme that has been trending since the re- release of The Great Gatsby in 2013. Although the movie illuminated the classic style, there’s been an ongoing appreciation for all things vintage, and it looks as if this will continue.

​Here are a few ideas for those planning a Roaring ’20s themed wedding, but mostly, we encourage you, as a couple, to do some research on the Roaring 20s Era and discover elements of that amazing decade that may reflect the style you want to share with your Friends and Family on your special day. Here are a few thoughts:

COLOR CHOICES – can be very simple using classic combinations of black, white and gold. This is easy to achieve and truly timeless and elegant.

  1. Dress for the Occasion

Afterall, it is a Roaring 20’s wedding so you must have some feathers, pearls, rhinestones and flapper dresses? Not just for the bride, but your wedding party should also be dressed in headpieces, the groomsmen should be looking trendy in tweed with flat caps. While you’re at it, invite your guests to join in on the fun too. Have them dress in era-specific garb. How about a few with the mobster look? It will really transport the event back in time!

  1. Consider Your “Grand Entrance”

One of the best ways to set the tone for your celebration is to make a grand entrance by pulling up to the venue in an era-specific vehicle like a Rolls-Royce Phantom that drives you up to a red carpet laid out for royalty. Not only will it make for an amazing entrance, but it will also bring your wedding photos to another level.

  1. Allow Guest to Make Memories

A very popular part of the entertainment could be offering guests a chance to make memories they’ll never forget from the night by adding a photo booth. Be sure to include props that drive the theme home and consider offering prints in black and white for authenticity. As your guests pose for the pictures, they won’t be able to help feeling like they’ve literally stepped into” 1920’s Era” itself.

Another Thought: For your wedding photos, ask your photographer about vintage overlay options for development. Your big day will be captured with a nostalgic 1920s look.

  1. Music of the Era

The 1920s was an era when liveliness and splendor was over the top; flashy and wild elegance shone through. To set the perfect mood at your wedding, choose the right jazz music or perhaps hire a live band to play era-specific tunes. Use draped silks and elegant details in all the décor and keep the spirits pouring – after all this was the prohibition era! Bring out a big screen and have the Great Gatsby movie or another movie of that era playing in the background on a screen. You might even consider using some vocabulary and slang commonly used during the ’20s throughout the night to really take anyone who walks through the door back to this luxurious time in history.

Just to give you a quick flavor of some of the music in the 1920’s:

Popular Songs from the 1920’s

  • 1920 – Swanee – Al Jolson
  • 1921 – Margie – Eddie Cantor
  • 1922 – Hot Lips – Paul Whiteman
  • 1923 – Love Her by Radio – Billy Jones
  • 1924 – Rhapsody in Blue – George Gershwin
  • 1925 – Yes Sir, That’s My Baby – Ace Brigode
  • 1926 – Heebie Jeebies – Louis Armstrong
  • 1927 – Black & Tan Fantasy – Duke Ellington
  • 1928 – My Man – Fanny Brice
  • 1929 – Tip Toe Thru’ The Tulips – Nick Lucas

Additional Entertainment Idea

You may want to try a unique performer like a Charlie Chaplin impersonator. With a comedic ’20s era presence, Charlie can make your guests feel like they’ve traveled back in time.

  1. Decor

Choose decor throughout the Venue to match the theme. As you research you will find an enormous amount of choices you can consider.

One thing you can count on. Choosing a “Roaring 20s” Themed Celebration will create a fun and lifelong memory for you as a couple and surely for all your guests.

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