Safe Food Guidelines for Mai Oui! Employees

Safe Food Guidelines for Mai Oui! Employees

Safe Food Guidelines for Mai Oui! Employees

March 11, 2020

Happy Wednesday Amazing Waitstaff,

We hear so much about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are continuing to use the safefood handlers’ guidelines for all our events. A couple of things we will make sure we keep in the for-front of our thinking is:

If you are the first to arrive to an event please make sure you wash your hands properly and then Clorox wipe down all food tables and surfaces such as oven and refrigerator handles, sink handles, etc.

When you arrive to an event wash your hands properly…

We will continue to wipe down food surfaces during the evening and at the end of the evening make sure everything is wiped down with Clorox wipes.

We will continually change gloves when handling food as always but we will now make sure we are wearing gloves to pass foods and replenish food platters at buffet or food stations. We must be diligent about replacing gloves and not wearing the same pair all evening (this is worse than not wearing gloves)

We will wear gloves to set guest tables…please change gloves in between flatware and water goblets

We will wear gloves when we are bussing…please change gloves after several runs…especially the plates…they can be messy.

As always when you have to cough or sneeze please make sure you try not to be around guest; use your arm to cover your mouth; wash your hands immediately…Do not play with your hair or face

We have ask all venues to provide a hand wash sink…

We are continuing to pay close attention to updates from the U.S. Center for Disease Center and will advise if there are any updates… Thank you for helping us keep all of you, all of our venues and our guest safe.

Karen Bassham