Send-off the Bride and Groom in Style!

Send-off the Bride and Groom in Style!

Send-off the Bride and Groom in Style!

Everyone knows that this week is One Spark week. If you just so happen to have found our blog and you don’t live in Jacksonville, One Spark is a huge crowd funding festival that happens annually and basically shuts down the downtown area for the better part of a week. It is a pretty cool event and the name One Spark has inspired this weeks blog post. I was thinking about attending One Spark, which made me think of sparklers, which then made me think of wedding send offs…You see what I did there right?…Not rocket science, but hey you gotta go where inspiration takes you.


So wedding send offs have been around probably as long as weddings have, case in point, the adorable vintage send off photo above. I don’t know this for a fact but I figure how else do the Bride and Groom leave the building after a night of celebration? You can’t just throw a huge party and then slip out into the night like a thief, leaving guest wondering where you went. The wedding send off is a chance for your guests to see the newly married couple one last time and say their final good byes, and it also marks the end of the party. Which is great for your vendors because nothing is worse than the slow trickle of a party with no end in sight. There are always those 15 people who just refuse to leave and want to party until six in the morning surrounded by the remnants of your reception. Not good!

Not only are wedding send offs a nice, albeit firm, way of telling your guest that the party is over, it is also your last chance to get some amazing photos. I mean if you are going to pay an arm and a leg to get pictures taken then milk that opportunity. Some of my absolute all time favorite wedding photos are pictures of the send off. Whether it is sparklers or confetti, the send off is sure to produce some amazing shots. Here are some fun send offs that seem to be trending these days.


Sparklers!!! This is pretty much the most popular send off there is right now. If there was a wedding Send Off High School, sparklers would be the prom queen. I am seeing them everywhere and though they may not be the most unique option out there, they sure do make for a beautiful send off, and even more beautiful photos. When in doubt sparkle it out!


Confetti! I love confetti. If we are going to keep with the Send Off High School analogy then confetti is the class clown. It is super fun, bright and easy. It looks beautiful and what is even cooler about it is that you can customize it to match your wedding colors or theme. There really isn’t a lot that you can’t do with a well thought out confetti send off. Now for all of my animal lovers out there who are worried about little birds choking on small pieces of plastic or paper there are tons of Eco friendly confetti options out there, so fear not.


Bubbles! Bubbles are another trendy send off item and they make for super cute pictures. Not sure how running through a wall of soap and water will help in the make-up and hair department but they look lovely and whimsical and that can’t be a bad thing right?

Glowstick Send off
(c/o Blink of an Eye Photography)

Now that we have gone over some of the more traditional send off’s, lets get into some of the unique things that I have been seeing lately. Glow sticks!! You heard me right, that little neon tube of light is not just for underground raves and Disney light parades anymore. Glow sticks are starting to make their rounds at weddings in lieu of sparklers and I think that it is a pretty fresh idea. Now cue the House music.

If lighting elements aren’t your thing there are 100 gazillion (is that a word?) different things that your guest can throw in the air to signal your departure. From sprinkles, yup the ice cream topping, to glitter, to birdseed and even herbs and dried flowers. There isn’t a lot that you can’t use to create that magical send off photo. Can we take a moment to talk a about glitter for a sec? I have been seeing a lot of photos of glitter being used for send offs. Now while I love sparkle and bling just as much as the next girl, glitter sticks to EVERYTHING. It will find its way into every nook and cranny of your hair, clothes, shoes etc. You can’t ever really get rid of glitter. So unless you plan on vacuuming you dress after the wedding and are fine with seeing the the evidence of your wedding send off well into your honeymoon you may want to forgo the wedding glitter for its much larger (and easier to clean up) older brother sparkly confetti.

I hope that you got a little dose of inspiration today and some tips on how to create a stylish send off of your very own. If you are already married or have been to a ton of weddings as a guest, what kind of send offs are you seeing? Are there any trends that you wish would go away or are there a few that you want to stay? Let us know!


Additional Photos Courtesy of: Snickclunk, Walter, Ganesha, Epic Fireworks, Delphine Menarde, and Steve R