Step-up Your Holiday Party with Festive Decor!

Step-up Your Holiday Party with Festive Decor!

Step-up Your Holiday Party with Festive Decor!

The holidays are here!! This time of year is always jam packed with parties and dinners and hopefully you plan on throwing at least one shindig yourself! We here at Mai Oui! Catering and Events really try to bring something unique and special to each event that we cater, whether it is a large corporate Christmas party or a small in-home holiday dinner, we treat each event with unique care and careful planning. Antipasti Display River House dips display butensky and cohen Bev Station Floating Hydrangea

One thing that truly sets our events apart, especially during the holiday season, are our “Tablescape” food displays. Your guest will always eat with their eyes first. Before they even get a chance to bite in to that delicious holiday menu they will notice how it is presented. Mai Oui! Is one of the few caterers in town that really take pride in making sure that our food display tables look as good as the food tastes. We are not your typical silver chafer catering company. pretty fruit and cheese displayWe take each display to the next level, insuring that the food not only tastes great, but is displayed in a way that is cohesive with the style and feel of your event. From vintage wine crates and artisan pasta for a Tuscan themed wedding to twinkling white lights and snowbirds for a corporate holiday party, our food displays wow the guests every time!

As a boutique catering company, all of our menu proposals are custom created and it doesn’t stop there. Every single one of our food display tables are custom created as well. So you never have to wonder if the fabulous antipasto display you picked for your corporate holiday party is going to be the same one that you see at a different company’s soiree two weeks later. B&C ice sculptureWe create each display to fit the personal taste, style and theme of our clients events. We love to keep our creative juices flowing, so we never do the same display twice. We make a commitment to our wonderful clients, that each and every event that they do with us will be as unique and as special as they are.

As you can see from the photos in this post we really try to create food displays that are not only beautiful but also functional for guests. When displaying food you have to think, not only, about style and color but also efficiency. Does a particular food item take a bit longer for a guest to serve themselves? Then don’t put that at the beginning of your buffet display, as this will cause a backlog in the line. Is one of your food options a quick bite? Then place that item on a riser or elevate it for beautiful display. This will make it easier for guest to grab and go without knocking over other items. To take it a step further, you can even think about items that might be allergens to some guest. Candied nuts are best served in little dishes with proper labeling. By artfully separating these from the rest of the food items, you eliminate the potential for cross contamination. By making sure that nuts don’t touch the other yummy bites on the display, you insure that your guests who might suffer from allergies can still enjoy the rest of the menu options. It is this type of careful consideration and planning that really take food displays to the next level.

crudite displayantipasto display new country rose and lantern food display

No matter what you decide to serve make sure you serve it with style. These tips are things that we always keep in mind when dressing up food displays for our clients, but they easily translate to the holiday parties that you throw at home. So hire us to cater your next event, but if for some reason you can’t, make sure that you keep your holiday displays deliciously decorated!